New H&M Gift Card

Can I use H&M gift card online?

You can utilize both our actual gift vouchers and e-gift vouchers in any H&M store and while shopping on the web. To make a web-based installment with a H&M gift voucher, follow these straightforward advances: 1. Select ‘Add gift voucher’ while paying at the checkout.

Can you buy H&M gift cards in store?

This gift will help your loved one realize their fashion goals, whether they’re looking for a whole new look or just the right accessory for their current ensemble.┬áH&M Present Cards can be purchased in any H&M store. Pick your #1 plan, add an individual message, pick a worth, and send a smidgen of Affection and Style.

How long do H&M gift cards last?

The H&M Gift voucher can be utilized until the equilibrium of the card is zero. On the off chance that the equilibrium of the card is zero for a long time, the H&M Gift voucher is invalid and can’t be initiated or utilized once more. The expiration date for H&M merchandise cards is three years after the last activation or purchase.

Can I return an H&M gift card?

H&M Gift vouchers are legitimate for quite a long time from the date of the last enactment or buy. The H&M Gift Cards cannot be reactivated, used for purchases, or refunded with their remaining value after their validity period has expired.

How do I use my H&M e gift card?

In-store: Note: To redeem in-store, you must present an e-mail from H&M with the e-Gift card barcode, either printed or on your mobile device

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